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Transforming weekly shopping habits

Flipp is reinventing the weekly shopping experience. The Flipp marketplace connects retailers with over tens of millions of consumers every month, fundamentally changing the way people shop.

Our culture is an integral part of what we do. With 380 team members and growing, we’re hiring in Toronto!

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One of the Best Employers in Canada

LoyaltyOne is a global leader in the design and implementation of coalition loyalty programs, customer analytics, and loyalty services for Fortune 1000 clients around the world.

At LoyaltyOne, technology is at the center of driving strategy and growth for our organization. By taking our digital platform to the next level, we’re looking to break new ground, build new solutions, and execute flawlessly so we can truly stay connected—on a global scale.

As the innovation arm of LoyaltyOne, Zero Gravity Labs focuses on the future of customer influence. We explore ways to change the face of loyalty and customer experience within the retail and banking industries, using emerging technologies identified through a process of ideation, experimentation and real world testing.

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Promotion #1 - Twitter/Linkedin Workshop #1 - In Perrson Attendance Workshop #2 - Remote Attendance Workshop #2 - Assignment Workshop #2 - Grading Workshop #3 - Remote Attendance Workshop #3 - Assignment Workshop #3 - Grading Workshop #4 - Remote Attendance Workshop #4 - Assignment Workshop #4 - Grading Promotion #2 - Twitter/Linkedin Workshop #5 - Remote Attendance Workshop #5 - Assignment Workshop #5 - Grading Workshop #6 - Assignment Workshop #6 - Grading Community #1 - Slack/GG Community #2 - Slack/GG


Mike Kelland

Mike Kelland

VP of Global Services at Lightbend

Mike Kelland

Mike Kelland is the VP of Global Services for Lightbend, the company fueling the next software revolution.

Lightbend is the originator of the Reactive Manifesto, the creators of Scala, Akka, Play Framework and the Lightbend Fast Data Platform and a contributor to critical fast data frameworks such as Spark.

Mike has worked with hundreds of companies on their adoption of the Lightbend Technologies.

Mike's background is in entrepreneurship - he's the founder of 9 companies (3 of them successful) and holds a B.Eng from Carleton University in Ottawa.

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Creating Change in the Next Technology Revolution

For all of the impacts of software on our lives, software and computer engineering are still relatively young and volatile fields. The current software revolution takes us to centralization of data and computing in the cloud.

In this world, software needs to be written differently - it must scale higher, provide stronger responsiveness and be able to make decisions on data in real time.

To remain competitive, companies and individuals must create fundamental change in the ways they leverage technology and adapt and adopt more and more quickly.

In this talk, we will walk through Lightbend's maturity model for the adoption of the next wave of software and explore how companies can identify and mitigate their challenges to adoption. For job seekers, we will discuss how they can assess a company's ability to adopt new technology throughout the course of their job hunt, to provide more value to their recruiters and more accurately understand what their challenges in a new role will be. We'll challenge team members to become change agents within their teams and companies.

Finally, we'll plant the seed for those entering into the big data space to see beyond the technology so that they can use their skills to make a stronger impact on the organizations they team up with.

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Mehrdad Pazooki

Mehrdad Pazooki

Founder and CEO at TranQuant

HackOn(Data) - Founder & Director

Armando Benitez

Armando Benitez

VP Trading Products - Data Science Lead at BMO Capital Markets

HackOn(Data) - Workshops Director

Eyal Edelman

Eyal Edelman

Big Data Practice Lead at SWI Systemware Innovation Corporation

HackOn(Data) - Technology Advisor

David Meyers

David Meyers

CTO and Co-founder of Flipp

HackOn(Data) - Advisor

Sansom Lee

Sansom Lee

Chief Scientist at LoyaltyOne

HackOn(Data) - Advisor

Katie Romano

Katie Romano

Manager, Talent Attraction at LoyaltyOne

HackOn(Data) - Advisor

Allison Melnick

Allison Melnick

Talent Acquisition at LoyaltyOne

HackOn(Data) - Advisor



  • Weekly challenges and workshops in the weeks leading up to the event to help educate participants on the use of data analysis tools.
  • World's best data scientist and engineers as mentors to help you during the day of the event
  • Access to online communities (e.g. a Slack channel) to solicit help from the community
  • Educational talks by well-known speakers
  • Connecting directly with companies for job opportunities!
Data scientists, data engineers, students, anyone who is interested in working with data. You must be 18 or older to participate.

All participants go through 8 weeks of workshops and work on weekly exercises to compete with their peers while learning data science.

Based on your scores that reflects your performance and commitment you will be accepted for the final event.

Please note that if you are interested in job opportunities you will need to have a high score to be included in the list of recommended participants.

Based on your performance you will receive:

  • Cash Prizes!
  • Recommendation for job positions to our sponsors!

Yes! HackOn(Data) is a free event for all participants. We are committed to lower the barrier of education in the field of data science and with our sponsors' generosity we are able to provide you a great experience free of any costs for you!

Yes, if you have used the google form on the website to register then assume your registration is finalized and you are able to participate in all workshops. You should receive a Registration Confirmation email after a few days.

Please add mehrdad@tranquant.com and hackondata@gmail.com to your contacts to prevent your email service provider to filter them as spam.

Please visit: https://github.com/hackondata/workshops

Workshop organizers will keep that repository up-to-date for you.

  • Intro Machine Learning
  • RDD, Datasets, Dataframes
  • Text processing
  • Distributed processing
  • Data Exploration
  • Similarity
  • Linear Regression
  • Feature Hashing
  • PCA

For more information please visit: https://github.com/hackondata/workshops

  • Start: Jul 4 - End: Aug 22
  • Time: 7pm - 8pm
  • Remote Workshops: July 11, July 18, Aug 1, Aug 8, Aug 15, Aug 22
  • In Person Workshops: July 4, Jul 25, Aug 22

Add it to your Google calendar by clicking here!

You can also view the calendar on Event section.

  • Python Programming
  • Linear Algebra
  • Some Math and Statistics
  • Laptop
  • Google Hangout
  • zoom.us
  • Databricks Community Account

You will lose some points but if you are able to submit your assignments and collect enough points from other activities then you will be still qualified.

Yes, we will post the recording of lectures on youtube.

You can participate either solo or in a team.

Our recommendation is to not have a team larger than 4. The ideal size of a team is 3.

If you don't already know a group of people who you want to be in a team with, by participating in workshops and helping eachother on slack you will connect with people who you can work with as a team for the final event.

Some of the problems might come from our sponsors or partners and some of them will be decided by organizers.

You will be free to choose which problem you want to work on.

HackOn(Data) will have no claim regarding to the intellectual property rights of your solution.

By competing in HackOn(Data) you can achieve the followings depends on your performance:

  • Learn Data Science Skills

  • Get interviews with our sponsors

  • Get mentorship from very smart and experienced individuals

  • Work on a real world problem and present your solution

  • Build a great network!

That's basically all you need to build the foundation of your career in Data Science and we are here to help you achieve that!

Collect as many points as you can!

There are various opportunities for you that enables you to collect points, such as:

  • Attending an in-person workshop

  • Attending workshops remotely

  • Promoting the event

  • Weekly Exercises

  • Grading other participants' assignments

You can find the distribution of points per task in the following table:

TaskMax Points
Weekly Exercises10
Grading other participants' assignments10
Attending an in-person workshop10
Attending a workshop remotely5
Promotional Tasks for the Event5

Based on your points you will be placed on our leaderboard and if you are one of the top performing candidates you will be recommended to our sponsors.

Minimum of 60 points.

Please note that 60 points is the minimum to only gurantee that you will receive an invite for the final event. However, if you would like to be recommended to our sponsors for job opportunities; you will have to be on of the top 20 participants.

We have the following communication channels for you:

Please use google group for discussions and more elaborated questions regarding workshops or the event so that others will also benefit from your post/question.

Slack is for more quick and interactive conversations.

Please send me an email with if you are not invited to them. Make sure to set the subject to "Communication Invite"

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