HackOn(Data) - 2016

Toronto - Sept. 10th and 11th

Registration Is Closed

What is HackOn(Data)?

HackOn(Data) is a free two-day event that will bring together the Toronto data community to take a closer look at data that touches our daily lives.

Teams of Toronto's top data scientists and data engineers will collaborate to generate practical insights from data provided by local companies, not-for profits and the government.

Prior to the event, weekly workshops and challenges will help prepare participants by giving them the knowledge and hands-on experience required to ensure they can meaningfully participate.

During the event, well-known mentors from Toronto and around the world will engage with participants to take their knowledge and skill to the next level.

HackOn(Data) is the best platform available to local data talent and businesses to meet, collaborate, and exchange knowledge, experience and job opportunities!

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Wattpad, 36 Wellington Street East, Suite 200, Toronto, ON, ca



A diverse group of data analysts from Toronto.


Workshops and Challenges!

Work on real world problems and real data; learn from Toronto's top data scientists!


Keynote Speakers

Two talks about the future of data science.


Local Datasets

We have prepared many interesting datasets related to Toronto provided by companies, non-profits and the government!


If you would like to know more about how to become a sponsor please contact us by email; mehrdad@tranquant.com






If you would like to know more about how to become a partner please contact us by email; mehrdad@tranquant.com



    • Mehrdad Pazooki
    • Mehrdad Pazooki

    • Mehrdad is the founder of Toronto Apache Spark (TAS) and CEO and Co-founder of TranQuant


    • Robert Tremblay
    • Robert Tremblay

    • Robert is a co-organizer at TAS and Co-founder, In-house counsel at TranQuant

      Team: Open Data, Sponsorship

    • Rodrigo Abreu
    • Rodrigo Abreu

    • Rodrigo is a co-organizer at TAS and Toronto Apex meetup and Sr. Architect ASG at TIBCO Software

      Team: Operations, Engineering

    • Sean Glover
    • Sean Glover

    • Sean is a Co-Organizer at TAS and Scala Toronto meetup and Senior Consultant at Lightbend

      Team: Operations, Engineering

    • Jorge Armando Benitez
    • Armando Benitez

    • Armando is a co-organizer at TAS, Founder of Toronto Deep Learning and Data Scientist Consultant

      Team: Workshops

    • Motasem Salem
    • Motasem Salem

    • Motasem is a co-organizer at TAS, Data Science graduate student at UC Berkeley and a Sr. Integration Consultant

      Team: Workshops, Operations

    • Marshall Berenbaum
    • Marshall Berenbaum

    • Marshall is a co-organizer at TAS and Recruitment Consultant & Account Manager GuruLink Inc.

      Team: Operations

Advisory Board

    • Sheena Casselman
    • Sheena Casselman

    • Sheena is the Communications Manager at HackerNest, and has experience across multiple industries including publishing, marketing, and public relations.

    • Denny Lee
    • Denny Lee

    • Denny is the founder and organizer of Seattle Apache Spark meetup

    • Jules S. Damji
    • Jules S. Damji

    • Jules S. Damji is a Apache Spark Community Evangelist with Databricks.

    • Larry Simon
    • Larry Simon

    • Larry is an advisor to CIOs and startups, the program lead for the University of Toronto SCS certificates in Data Science and the CEO of Inflection Group.



    • Brad Kent
    • Brad Kent

    • Marketing Analytics Leader

      at LoyaltyOne

    • Bo Wang
    • Bo Wang

    • Marketing Analytics Leader

      at LoyaltyOne


    • Sergey Melnik
    • Sergey Melnik

    • Sergey is a researcher with strong interests in Data Science and Machine Learning.

      Team: Open Data

    • Rogelio Cuevas
    • Rogelio Cuevas

    • Data Scientist and NSERC Fellow Researcher

      Team: Workshops


Open Data: Tri Nguyen

Top 20 Participants

Over 200 participants are competing in HackOn(Data) weekly workshop exercises and challenges!!!

Top 70 participants will be selected for the final event.

Top 5 participants prior to the final event will receive prizes and will be interviewed in HackOn(Data) videos!!

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HackOn(Data) was initiated by the TranQuant team along with organizers of leading Toronto big data technology meetups such as Toronto Apache Spark, Scala Toronto, Deep Learning Toronto, in partnership with the City of Toronto.

Our aim is to bring together Toronto's top data engineers and scientists to work on data produced by local companies, government, and not-for profits.

We are honoured that some of the best companies and advisors in the field have agreed to join us in this effort.

  • - Weekly challenges and workshops in the weeks leading up to the event to help educate participants on the use of data analysis tools.
  • - World's best data scientist and engineers as mentors to help you during the day of the event
  • - Access to online communities (e.g. a Slack channel) to solicit help from the community
  • - Educational talks by well-known speakers
  • - An opportunity for winners to publish an article about their projects on Spark Hub and other well-known online communities

Data scientists, data engineers, students, anyone who is interested in working with data and wants learn from our awesome mentors on the day of the event, and from our weekly challenges and workshops in weeks leading up to the day of event. You must be 18 or older to participate.

The basic requirement for participating in HackOn(Data) workshops and the hackathon event is to be proficient in at least one of these programming languages; Python, Scala, R. I hope that you won't be discouraged by that requirement. We are planning to repeat this event more often in the future and as you get more experience in programming you will be able to get more benefit in participating in the future events. The focus for the workshops and the event is to learn and explore working with data for individuals who already have programming skills. Please stay tuned for the future events!!

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By joining the workshops you will gain hands on experience using Apache Spark and other data science tools to solve real world problems. All the workshops are free and lead by some of Toronto's top data scientists. We will track your engagement and commitment using a point system to help recommend you to to our sponsors after the HackOn(Data) event.

We have 6 workshops that will be accessed remotely via Google Hangouts and 2 workshops that are local at which you will need to be present. Your total time commitment for the workshops is 2 hours per week for 8 weeks.

  • Jul 14 - Virtual session
  • Jul 21 - Virtual session
  • Jul 28 - Virtual session
  • Aug 4 - In-person part I
  • Aug 11 - Virtual session
  • Aug 18 - Virtual session
  • Aug 25 - Virtual session
  • Sep 1 - In-person part II
  • Sep 9 - Hackathon day

We will ask you to do small data science related tasks and exercises to make sure you are committed and have the necessary skills required to have a meaningful participation.

The event is absolutely free for all participants. We will provide you with the venue, food, Wi-Fi, etc.

You will need your laptop (A modern laptop with at least 4GB memory and we highly recommend you to use linux as your OS or Mac OSX), phone, chargers, as well as a valid student or government ID.

Not a problem! We will walk you through idea generation during our weekly challenges and workshops.

You can join the event either as a team or on your own. If you are joining as a team the maximum number of team members is 3. This will be a great opportunity for you and co-workers to participate and represent your company!!! Please leave your team name in the comment section in this format: "Team: team-name"

The event is local to downtown Toronto; you must be able attend in person.

On August 25th the registration will close.

Please contact us by email: mehrdad@tranquant.com

Aside from working within an awesome team of organizers, you will get connected with other active members of the Toronto data community and receive recognition for your efforts to help paritipants have a great experience. We will also acknowledge your effort publicly on the website and award you great surprise swag.

Please contact us by email: mehrdad@tranquant.com with the subject "[HackOn(Data)] - Question"



Phone: +1 647-774-7961

E-mail: mehrdad@tranquant.com